Announcing Maik Außendorf as Keynote Speaker at Nextcloud Conference

At the upcoming Nextcloud Conference, we are pleased to welcome Mr. Maik Außendorf as one of our keynote speakers!

A respected member of the German Bundestag, city council, and the open source community, Mr. Außensdorf brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our highly anticipated event.

Keynote about digital policy

Digitization, alongside climate protection, is a leading issue today that brings opportunities, risks, problems, and solutions for the government and society as a whole.

As the key spokesman for digital policy and member of the Committee on Digital Affairs and the Committee on Economic Affairs at the German Bundestag, Mr. Außendorf is committed to making the best possible use of the potential of digitization in government and society and toward driving forward the ecological transformation of the economy.

Specfically, Mr. Außendorf envisions creating and strengthening a future-proof digital infrastructure and transformation. He believes digitization can play a central role in achieving the 1.5 degree target as well as aligning these goals with sustainability and climate protection goals to remain competitive in the long run. His talk will cover three main areas: digital infrastructure, sustainable digitization, and ditigial sovereignty.

Get ready for Mr. Außendorf’s keynote: “The Digital Policy of the “Traffic Light” Government: Advancing Digitization while Shaping it Sustainably”

Background of Mr. Außendorf

After studying mathematics and computer science in Münster and writing his diploma thesis on Artificial Neural Networks (AI), Mr. Außendorf worked at Siemens in Colombia. From 1999 onwards, he worked in Rhineland as a consultant and branch manager at Suse Linux AG.

Maik Außendorf MdB

Since 2004, he been co-founder and managing director of two IT consulting and software companies in the open source environment. 

Mr. Außendorf has been a member of the German Bundestag since last year.

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