Nextcloud Fair Use Policy and NGO program

Nextcloud is open source and you can host it for free on your own server or at a provider.

Nextcloud recommends using Nextcloud Enterprise for deploying instances with more than 500 users. With that size, issues like a broken server or a data leak become very serious.
If there is an issue with the server, 500 people can’t work. A data leak would risk the data of many users. In short, the server should be considered mission-critical. We believe you will have a better experience with Nextcloud Enterprise.

Nextcloud Enterprise is pre-configured and optimised for the needs of professional organisations rather than home users. It comes with support, security and scaling benefits, compliance expertise, and access to our knowledge about running a successful Nextcloud, to get the best possible experience for users and admins. This also reduces the load on our home user forum from issues unique to big deployments.

Nextcloud provides some infrastructure components needed for Nextcloud servers to function reliably. This includes notification services, our app store and more. To ensure these resources do not get overloaded by administrators who run Nextcloud for thousands of users without providing financial resources to Nextcloud in return, these components are limited and will not work for more than 500 users.

As an organization with a mission itself, the Nextcloud team cares deeply about enabling others to work on bettering our world. We believe all organisations who run Nextcloud for hundreds of users are best off with Nextcloud Enterprise. We know there can be financial restrictions for non-profit organisations and, as we want everybody to have a chance to get the most out of Nextcloud, we offer a free license for NGOs, small schools and other non-profits. Please reach out to talk to us about what is possible or ask your system administrator to reach out.

Reach out to us, or contact your server admin and ask them to talk to us!

Note: non-profit organisations, individual schools and NGOs qualify
to receive Nextcloud Enterprise at no cost. Just contact us.

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