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Contribute to the Text app: the hidden gem!

Nextcloud Office comes with powerful and visible apps like Talk, Groupware and Deck, but quietly working in the background is perhaps the lesser known Text app. Nextcloud Text is perfect for note-taking, outlines and templates and it is also used in some other apps like...

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Developer Tutorial #4: Create Dashboard Widgets with Vue.js

Welcome to ➡️ part 4 of the Nextcloud Developer Tutorial Series! 🛠️ The Developer Tutorial Series is a program where we help developers improve their coding skills by providing them the tools and step-by-step guides on a variety of topics to succeed. Nextcloud Dashboard The...

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Cómo hemos llegado a las nuevas Fotos de Nextcloud

Hoy presentamos una entrada del blog de Nimisha, miembro del equipo y diseñadora de Nextcloud. Nimisha lleva casi 2 años trabajando con Nextcloud, empezando como colaboradora y uniéndose a la empresa poco después. Hoy se une a nosotros para hablarnos del viaje que condujo a...

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Nextcloud Talk

5 features in Nextcloud Talk you didn’t know about

You know Nextcloud Talk for video calls, chats with colleagues and web conferencing. But did you know about: 1. Links transform to widgets In your Talk chats, sent links instantly transform into widgets that provide a rich view of what you sent. This can be...

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Nextcloud App Development Tutorials: 1 step closer to creating an app!

Nextcloud is offering new development tutorials for developers interested in creating their own Nextcloud apps. Learn about our method and how you can get started today!

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2nd Prize Hackathon Winner Creates Organizational Chart Feature in Contacts

One of the best parts about a hackathon is people coming together from around the world in the name of code. The team that created the new organizational chart is a prime example of that. Comprised of team lead Shieva Saavedra from the Phillipines, Manuel...

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Plan your next trip with Nextcloud Maps! New Features!

Planning a trip with friends? Need to stay organized? Look no further than Nextcloud *now* collaborative Maps! At our recent NextGov Hackathon, Arne Hamann from Germany had a clear goal for his idea: make the maps app collaborative. Prior, the features were minimal, and there...

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That’s a Wrap! The NextGov Hackathon was a success, learn about what got done!

This post was adapted by the European Commissions blog here. From April 25th to May 10th, Nextcloud and the European Commission’s DIGIT team joined forces in creating the NextGov Hackathon. There were three main goals of our hackathon: One, to add new features and improvements...

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All about Collectives: its founders, mission, and use cases. Create a Collective today!

The story of how it began It’s true that many successful business ideas originate out of a need for something that is lacking. The same goes for Collectives, where innovators Max and Jonas recognized that the existing open source options to self-organize a community project...

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