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Contribute to the Text app: the hidden gem!

Nextcloud Office comes with powerful and visible apps like Talk, Groupware and Deck, but quietly working in the background is perhaps the lesser known Text app. Nextcloud Text is perfect for note-taking, outlines and templates and it is also used in some other apps like...

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Developer Tutorial #4: Create Dashboard Widgets with Vue.js

Welcome to ➡️ part 4 of the Nextcloud Developer Tutorial Series! 🛠️ The Developer Tutorial Series is a program where we help developers improve their coding skills by providing them the tools and step-by-step guides on a variety of topics to succeed. Nextcloud Dashboard The...

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How we got to the new Nextcloud Photos

Today we introduce a blog post by team member Nimisha, a designer at Nextcloud. Nimisha has been working with Nextcloud for almost 2 years now, starting off as a contributor and then joining the company soon after. She joins us today to talk about the...

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5 fonctionnalités de Nextcloud Talk que vous ne connaissiez pas

Vous connaissez Nextcloud Talk pour les appels vidéo, les chats avec des collègues et les conférences Web. Mais saviez-vous que : 1. Les liens transforment en widgets Dans vos chats Talk, les liens envoyés se transforment instantanément en widgets qui offrent une vue riche de...

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