Interview with Nimisha Vijay, UX & UI Designer at Nextcloud

August 10, 2021

Marius Quabeck

In this 12th episode, our host Ingo talked with Nimisha Vijay, UX and UI Designer at Nextcloud. Find more about UX Design, in general, and Nimisha’s experience as a designer at Nextcloud!

UX Design is more about how usable and intuitive a piece of software is. Making it optimized for usability is sort of what we do. Consistency in design is very important, especially when you have a lot of apps, shared Nimisha.

How people perceive a piece of software is a very interesting thing to me and that’s how I got interested in design. I think the best way to learn Design is just to make things and get feedback on them. I’ve learned the most after I started contributing to Nextcloud and getting feedback for my work. I value open source and the culture, idea and philosophy behind it.

Nimisha originally applied for a mentorship program in design, and you can find more information about it here.

Find the feed on our podcast page and listen to the full interview! If you have not heard the previous episodes, check them there as well.

So tune in!

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