Stay in control

Access controls and permissions

Securely sharing and collaborating on documents requires
strong access control mechanisms. Nextcloud features a variety
of sharing mechanisms and associated control solutions like
ACLs and sharing permissions.

The flat model

Easy to use and understand

The basic sharing model in Nextcloud follows a flat model where users are in control of the sharing. Any file or folder can be individually shared and access permissions can be configured. New files show up in the home of users whom you share with. They can rename these folders if they like, or put them where they want to optimize their own productivity.

  • Separate read, create, edit rights
  • Control resharing
  • Hide content on public upload links (file drop)
  • Block downloading of content on shared links (secure view)
  • Fine-grained access rights for collaborative editing of documents shared with public links
  • Watermarking, limit documents to filling in forms or block printing
  • Password protection, optional video verification
  • Expiration date (also for internal links)
  • Control rights of individual users, groups or your own, custom groups
  • Transparency in who has access at all times
  • Lock files so others know you are working on them
  • Fully transfer ownership of files or folders to others
  • Share directly to other Nextcloud servers (federation)
  • Choose to automatically accept all incoming shares, or choose to accept them on a case by case basis
  • Track activities and get notified on changes to files or downloads
  • With Circles, users can create their own groups, let other users join them and collaboratively manage them without any need for administrator action

Administrator control

Administrators control these capabilities and can set a variety of permissions by default.

  • Fully enable or disable sharing
  • Disable public link sharing
  • Disable uploading on public links
  • Enforce passwords and expiration dates
  • Block resharing
  • Block sharing with groups
  • Block sharing outside own group
  • Set default sharing permissions
  • Control sharing between Nextcloud servers (federation)

Feature highlight: Locking files

File locking helps users prevent conflicts with colleagues who are trying to edit the same files. While office documents and notes can be edited in real time in the browser, some files have to be downloaded to make changes. Lock the file and collisions are avoided! Other users can easily contact you in chat or by a comment to ask what is going on.

The file server model

Facilitating team work

Collaborating in a team benefits from having a single, canonical folder structure available. Groupfolders provide administrator-defined shared folders with support for full ACLs. These are inherited by default, can be overridden and control can be given to group administrators to configure them.

  • Read, Write, Create, Delete and Share permissions
  • ‘inherit’ (default), ‘allow’ or ‘deny’
  • Each property of each file can be configured for any number of users or groups
  • Control can be delegated to group administrators
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