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Mantén tu servidor en casa.

Compañías a nuestro alrededor construyen hardware en el que Nextcloud funciona sin ningún problema.

Nextcloud on TrueNAS

Add Nextcloud to your NAS

TrueNAS is an Open Source powered storage platform that scales from private home servers to 20PB+ storage platforms and has over a million deployments. Nextcloud Hub is be officially supported on TrueNAS systems with easy install of the official Nextcloud Hub app requiring just a few clicks. Together, Nextcloud and TrueNAS provide an extremely versatile and reliable collaboration and data storage platform.



UBOSbox Nextcloud Home/Office Server

Fully-assembled based on ARM processors with optional management service

  • Preconfigured: UBOS Linux (pre-installed) and Nextcloud plus apps (auto-install on first boot)
  • Can be set up and maintained without attached monitor and keyboard
  • Easy day-to-day management: upgrades, backups, network configuration and more are just a single command
  • Different variants available based on ARM processors


More about UBOSbox Nextcloud

Nitrokey Nextbox – Your Private Home Cloud.

The cloud in your home or office. With NextBox by Nitrokey you get everything you need for your secure and private cloud

  • For photos, videos, backups, files, address books, calendars, office and more
  • Full aluminium casing: perfectly quiet, passive thermal design, living-room ready
  • Easy operation without technical administration including Remote Access
  • Unattended, long-term updates and no monthly costs
  • Based on Debian Buster & RaspberryPI 4


More about NextBox


Easy Nextcloud hosting at home. Access your data anywhere in the world.

  • HomeDrive provides an easy way to host Nextcloud at your home. It requires zero configuration to work, and automatically updates itself.
  • Setting up HomeDrive is as simple as plugging it into your home router. You can start accessing your data under a custom domain name from anywhere in the world right away.
  • Traffic from and to your HomeDrive server is end-to-end encrypted to ensure security and your privacy.


More about homedrive


Syncloud es un servidor casero que soporta totalmente Nextcloud.

Ofrece una instalación y activación sencillas, selección de hardware entre 10+ placas, facilidad de uso de discos duros externos para el almacenamiento, nombre de dominio para el dispositivo y acceso a través de internet, configuración HTTPS automática y más aplicaciones.


More about Syncloud

Turris MOX: Cloud

Modular router comes with private cloud module.

The Turris MOX: Cloud bundle is a ready-to-go kit with a 64bit dualcore CPU, 1GB RAM, wifi connectivity and four USB 3.0 ports for attaching storage. The MOX makes it easy for users to set up RAID storage and Nextcloud for hosting and can be extended with other router modules like network ports.


More about Turris Mox

Picture of a Raspberry Pi in a case with a NextcloudPi logo


Build your own Nextcloud device!

NextcloudPi is a community effort building a preinstalled and preconfigured Nextcloud setup initially developed for Raspberry Pi and similar development board devices. It includes a management interface with all the tools you need to self host your private data in a single package and works on a variety of hardware.

NextcloudPi is free, thriving only on your help, feedback and support!

Do-It-Yourself Community

Sold out/or not available any more


Tras el premiado dispositivo diseñado por struktur AG opera una solución de videochat seguro e intercambio de archivos para uso de pequeñas empresas.

Ofrece chat de audio y vídeo con cifrado fuerte punto a punto, una solución de sincronización y compartición de archivos basada en Nextcloud y características avanzadas de seguridad con un generador de claves hardware de silicio.

La Spreedbox ofrece un gateway SIP opcional, permitiendo a los participantes en conferencias web que entren a través de una conexión de teléfono9 tradicional.

Pricing is in the Eur 1500/USD 1500 range.

More about spreedbox

Nextcloud Box

La Nextcloud Box viene preinstalada con Nextcloud, corriendo sobre Ubuntu Core (basado en los nuevos paquetes de aplicaciones Linux conocidos como snaps, superseguros y actualizables remotamente ) como SO.

La caja consiste de un disco duro USB3 de 1 TB de WDLabs, una carcasa con espacio para el disco duro y una placa base, un cargador microUSB, cables y adaptadores, tornillos y un destornillador.

Sadly, the box is sold out and no longer produced by WD Labs!

More about the Nc box

¿Interesado en construir dispositivos Nextcloud?

You can get in touch with us, and we will help you with individual offerings and get your devices listed on this page.

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