Nextcloud Enterprise
for your organization

We at Nextcloud help enterprises and organizations
to reclaim their digital sovereignty

Why do enterprises
use Nextcloud?

Amid a push to improve efficiency and facilitate remote work through online collaboration technology, enterprises counter a growing compliance, cost and data leak risk by strategic deployments of Nextcloud.

Remote work

The pandemic has shown the need for efficient, remote collaboration technology in small and large enterprises

Nextcloud compliance


Legal and practical risks are mounting for public cloud storage, especially when crossing country borders

Paperless office

The potential efficiency and productivity benefit of online team collaboration can not be ignored

How Nextcloud Enterprise benefits
enterprises and organizations

Nextcloud offers a modern, easy to use content collaboration platform accessible trough mobile, desktop and web interfaces. Teams can collaborate in real time on documents, chat and engage in video calls, access their email or plan meetings in calendars. As a pure software vendor, Nextcloud does not force customers to host in its data centers but works with a variety of leading partners to provide SaaS or on-premises solutions.

  • Microsoft integrations
  • Shipped with faster critical bug and security fixes
  • Dedicated Enterprise Apps for authentication, workflows and security
  • Nextcloud Guard for monitoring the stability and performance of your server
  • Enterprise-grade security features and hardening

Benefits of
Nextcloud Enterprise

Only Nextcloud Enterprise offers organizations the reliability, security and compliance they need to confidently deploy software in critical environments.

Community Version Enterprise Version
Easy Sharing
Real-time collaboration
Scalability ~500 users Millions
Testing/QA community Enterprise QA
Security updates For 9 months For up to 5 years
Monitoring Basic monitoring Nextcloud Guard
Nextcloud Advertising
No Nextcloud Advertising
Microsoft integration
Enterprise Apps
Authentication, workflows, security
Unlimited push Notifications
Early notification about security issues
Support SLA
up to 24/7
Knowledge base and training
Roadmap influence
Access to decision makers at Nextcloud and influence on roadmap and seat at the product advisory board
Certified compliance
GDPR documentation

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Gain the improved efficiency and reduced cost benefits of online collaboration without the associated compliance and data leak nightmares.

Case studies
Nextcloud Enterprise


Stadtsparkasse Munich facilitates customer data exchange with Nextcloud by HKN

For some time now, Stadtsparkasse München has been running an on-premises Nextcloud server to exchange confidential data with customers. More recently, in 2020, the bank decided that they wanted to transfer all their internal managed systems to the data centers of competent, regional partners. With a Gold Partnership with Nextcloud, HKN stood out as an ideal partner for running their Nextcloud services.


Customer success story: Germany’s public radio and television deploys Nextcloud

When discussing the reasons for deploying Nextcloud, IVZ stated:
First, security and confidentiality. Some of the journalists do deep investigative work, sometimes in countries with unstable political climates. As many journalists are not very technical, it is important they get good support and help in handling data securely.


Nextcloud is the one and only Solution we are providing to our End-Customers: Florian Hausleitner

Nextcloud is being used by organizations, big and small, that value privacy, security, and control over their data. Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark GmbH is one such organization that’s using Nextcloud in certain capacities

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